The iPhone Xs MAX

Scott Adamson
1 min readOct 1, 2018

Apple announced the iPhone Xs (another ’s’ iteration on their iPhone line) a couple of weeks ago and interest has been high on the new model phones. One of the most intriguing aspects is under the hood with processor and memory improvements that clearly make things snappier and more responsive.

As someone that used the Plus model phones for the last years, slipping back into the “standard sized” device was a shift but due to the fact there was no home button (FaceID), the screen worked.

Using the Xs Max was like stepping back into the mode I was used to. The device felt the same in the hand but had a larger screen due to the face being the full front of the device.

For many, the X to Xs move is not necessary. An iPhone X to Xs Max carries more weight (and a hefty price tag). Apple continues to iterate their products and make them appealing to the masses but many wonder if Apple is leaving some key products (Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Air) in the background and collecting dust.

October is expected to bring some additional announcements but will take a real surprise to push Apple back into the spotlight.