The Apple 11” iPad Pro

Scott Adamson
3 min readNov 28, 2018
11" iPad Pro

A few weeks ago I was able to get the updated iPad Pro (11”). I have been using the 10.5” iPad Pro for about a year and been very happy with the size, use of pencil (generation one) and flexibility of the device.

The 11” iPad Pro (and 12.9") takes this to the next phase of the iPad Pro line.

First, can it replace a computer? For me, no. I do too much with a computer (in my case a 15" MacBook Pro), connection to other devices and functions that the iPad still cannot do. That being said, the iPad Pro does a ton!

I have moved all my note taking to the iPad (using GoodNotes & Noteshelf 2) for keeping track of my day and notes (meeting, agenda etc). The Pencil (generation 2) is lighter, feels great in the hand and with the tap to change mode simple to use. The Pencil 2 also charges wirelessly and does not have the cap that can fall off or be lost — HUGE improvement.

For those that are familiar with the iPhone X, XR and XR Max, this generation iPad capitalizes on the FaceID to get the additional screen space by removing the home button. It takes a while to get used to using the iPad like an iPhone, but once you do, it is a great improvement and does provide a enormous benefit.

The move to USB-C for power also gives the iPad the chance to be used with an external monitor. I have tried this and not been too excited by the result, but it does expand the function of the device to a whole new level.

The Smart Keyboard is a change from the previous 10.5” version using a magnetic back and connector to secure and provide input. The keyboard works well, feels good and is a reasonable size for normal email and document use.

What I love and use the iPad Pro for would be the following items: Notetaking (see above), reviewing and responding to emails (Gmail), Helpdesk (Zendesk app) and reviewing documents (construction PDF files etc). I use Asana as well as Todoist for my tasks and projects to keep in touch with the team and ongoing considerations through the work week.

The iPad Pro models are premium products, can do a lot and if looking for an iPad, the Pro is worth reviewing and considering. If you can look at the 2018 iPad (generation 6) and the 2018 Pro iPads side by side, it is great to consider.