Summer 2019

Scott Adamson
2 min readJun 10, 2019
Removal of the stairwell between Hunter and the Townhouses has begun

After three long years, we are rapidly approaching the end of an ambitious construction project. One that I believe speaks loudly to the core of Friends Seminary. It is not about bigger and better, it is about providing equal access and resources to the diverse community that is Friends.

Entering my sixth year with Friends, I have been challenged and stretched. I have learned something new almost every day. I enjoy construction projects since it feeds into a lot of my background (Syracuse VPA & Industrial Design). Building, design and seeing it all come together (and knowing what is happening inside the walls) is intensely satisfying.

Having worked with and in technology for close to 30 years, education is a place I feel at home and am challenged by. This coming year is a huge shift for me — and I’m excited by the opportunity.

I have an amazing team and they are allowing me to stretch to shift from my comfortable place of help desk, trouble tickets, and “the man behind the curtain” to 50k’ views and strategy of systems and technology to enhance, advance and rethink ways to engage our students.

This summer we are looking at practical solutions for reserving conference rooms and devices as well as the systems and software we use daily to assist students in understanding and deepening their appreciation of complex concepts.

2020 looks to be another big shift with a serious reconsideration of devices used by the student population. More to come on that front, though there have been years of discussions and considerations to bring us to an excellent place of understanding what may serve the community better.

Stay tuned, we are changing and shifting, and boy, it all may be different tomorrow…