Preparing iPad for our younger students

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As we enter into the fall of 2021 and look forward to the 2021–22 school year, I have been looking at ways to prepare devices and deploy them to our students.

Due to the fact we are hoping beyond hope this school year will allow in-person teaching and learning, we also need to be prepared for a time when a student or classes may need to be remote for a period of time. Having a device in each student’s hand allows for a lot of flexibility and a very quick pivot if needed to change the learning and teaching process.

At this time, we are using Apple School Manager to support the enrollment of the devices which is connected to JAMF School to configure and manage the devices. I have also found that as a school that uses Apple devices, invests in AppleCare+ and we are certified for repairs and access to Apple’s GSX system, we can open a case with Apple for a broken device, ship it in and upon return of the replacement device, the adjustments of “old iPad” and “new iPad” are applied on Apple’s backend (after a GSX case is CLOSED) and quick re-deployment of the new device as needed.

The process I have been using when deploying (or re-deploying) devices are using the following steps (this seems to be working for me — suggestions or recommendations, let me know).

  • I am able to export a list of current students from our student information system (using a file export or an API) and bring it into Google Sheets.

I continue to look at ways I can streamline this further using APIs and schedules to just keep pulling the data together and then leveraging a POST or PUT API call, update data even more effectively.

Questions or suggestions, let me know!



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