MacBook Air 2018 (v 2018 Pro 15")

Scott Adamson
2 min readJan 3, 2019

After a couple of weeks using the MacBook Air 2018, I have to say, this is a solid machine. I used it throughout an extended holiday break as my only computer. I traveled with it, I used it from the road (connected to a hotspot) and multiple places in between (including in front of a nice fire at home).

The laptop performed well. The screen is solid and crisp. The portability is really nice (read size and weight) and makes moving this device around easy.

I also kept my iPhone XS Max and iPad 11” Pro close by…. The iPad got some good use during the break too, but for the work needing a keyboard and screen, the laptop was the go-to.

After almost two weeks, I returned to the office and the MacBook Pro (15” 2018) on my desk. I plugged it in to update and just get it charged back up…. That is when it happened. The performance is the BIGGEST takeaway of the Pro is the responsiveness, speed with Pro is expected to be more robust but for the first time I really feel it…

The MacBook Air is solid, the system runs smoothly and for most users, this is a solid update. For those needing a little more horsepower (multiple cores and beefier processor) the Pro is a must.

I have 16GB RAM on both MacBook Air and Pro and the key variable is the processor, cores, discrete graphic card and a little more storage on the SSD.

If you are looking for a solid home laptop replacement, the MacBook Air is a great solution. If you do more with your workstation, don’t mind a little more weight in the bag and real estate, go for the Pro.