M2 MacBook Air

Scott Adamson
2 min readJul 30, 2022


As part of the prep for the new MacBook Air (M2), we have been testing a few of the new laptops. Our “standard” device is a MacBook Air M1 with 16GB/512GB. This works for a vast majority of our Marketing, Sales, and Operations people.

I received a MacBook Air M2 (8-Core/10-Core/8GB/512GB) base model (which has been getting a lot of “bad” press about the slow speed of storage). I really liked the device! The screen and form factor of the new model is a nice adjustment and improvement from the “older” wedge M1/Intel models.

I used the base model for about a week until I received the model I ordered for “official” testing. The 8-Core/10-Core/24GB/512GB model (Midnight). Wow! I am using it like I use the primary MacBook Pro (14" M1) and it has been keeping up nicely. The only (continued) limitation of the MacBook Air is the ability to only connect ONE external monitor.

Right now I am running the MacBook Air (M2) connected to an external Curved LG USB-C monitor. When need to run two external displays, the MacBook Pro is powered on.

For a majority of our users, we will maintain the “standard” MacBook Air (M1) while we have inventory. When we look to refresh our supply, we will have to look at the available models and costs (since the M2 is running about $200 more).

As a side note, my wife has been using an M1 MacBook Air (16GB) and struggles with the “limitations” of the 16GB device. I’m interested in seeing if the M2 with 24GB RAM may make the difference for her or if a move to a Pro is required. More to come…