Keeping focus in 2021

Scott Adamson
3 min readMar 5, 2021
Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

I’m not going to say it, we all know it too well.

As I have entered into this new year, looking for a new job and trying to keep focus, energy, direction, and in general be joyful for all I have, there are a few things I can point to that have contributed to my mindset these first months of 2021.

Working through most of 2020 with an amazing team in education was great! Their thoughtfulness, support, and vision helped me and the entire K-12 community pivot to distance learning and an effective and healthy reopening of school this past fall. Community, partnership, and friendships have been critical throughout 2020.

Upon leaving the role in the fall of 2020, I started thinking about my next steps. This time has offered me an opportunity to think and refocus. Early in 2021, I was pleased and encouraged to engage a few companies for IT roles. Unfortunately, nothing came of it at this time but I’m keeping my eyes and ears open and working hard at finding a role in a company I believe in and strongly support as well as one I know I can provide years of experience and a deep skillset to.

One company that I discovered a very strong connection with is Peloton. For my birthday last October my wife extended this generous gift (with conditions). Ride five (or more times a week). Lawyer friends suggested I engage them in the coming negotiations since I agreed to that. The interesting part is, over the last 17 weeks I have ridden at least five times a week (as of writing this I am a few rides from the century mark)

Peloton engages me, encourages me, motivates me, and drives me to do better (not just in time and PR but supporting the community around me). Sitting on the bike (any day or time) with at least hundreds of other people is grounding and cathartic.

A deep appreciation of what Pelton has done for me and a keen interest in the underlying technology have been driving me to apply for roles to join OnePeloton. I continue to hope for an opportunity at some point since as I mentioned earlier, the Bike became more to me than exercise and I hope to be able to give this back to others.

Working for a long time in technology, I love shiny new things, but I really enjoy the ability to connect, support and encourage people in their use of technology. Excellent customer service is something I believe we have been able to provide in roles I have been part of and extending that to products and lifestyles that I participate in and believe in seems to be where I am most interested and excited to go in the coming months.

During this time I have worked to deepen my skills, hone areas of expertise (Google IT and AWS certifications to name a few), and appreciate what this time is providing me. I visit LinkedIn throughout the day.

Please reach out if you have questions or connections that may be helpful to me and if you find anything that resonates with you (focus, energy, or Peloton), please comment.