iPad Pro 10.5" Summer 2017

An excellent mid-sized iPad for the mobile user

Scott Adamson
2 min readJul 30, 2017

Over the last 12–18 months I have been using an iPad Pro a lot. I tried the 9.7" (same size as the standard iPad device) and the 12" Pro. The majority of the time, I worked with the 12" Pro. The device worked well, the screen is great and with the Apple Keyboard I was able to do a lot through the day, on a train and making notes and marking up drawings and content and the weight in the backpack was minimal (which is really nice).

I found that I did not use the 12" a lot on the train due to the space it took was a little much and holding it in portrait mode on the train while trying to write with the pencil became challenging.

Enter the 10.5" Pro. The midsize solution with a higher refresh rate and screen resolution it is now my favorite solution for portable communication and basic work (using VMware View or Coda). I have moved to the 10.5" for 90% of my work. It is next to me with the keyboard case and can work easily on the train, plane, on my lap or at a desk. The keyboard size is great (even for my larger digits) and also good protection for the device.

I also have tried the Logitech Slim Combo for the Pro 10.5". The keyboard is fantastic. Since it attaches via the Pro SmartConnector it does not require charging and provides a backlight for the keyboard (another plus to the feel and size of the keyboard). My critique of the Logitech case is that since you cannot fold back the keyboard to use the tablet as a tablet you need to just remove the keyboard and leave it “somewhere”…

Looking at the iPad Pro line? I would seriously consider the 10.5" Pro with a Pencil (nothing like this stylus) and a keyboard. Try out some of the keyboard options since feel and size is always a personal preference but believe most will not be disappointed with this Apple purchase.