Scott Adamson
1 min readMar 28, 2017


iOS 10.3
Apple has just updated iOS to 10.3.

Now for the majority of users, the system looks no different, the advances and improvements are under the hood. All that said, the under the hood advances are dramatic. For the first time in quite a while, Apple has updating the operating system on the iOS devices:

New File System: Installing iOS 10.3 automatically updates an iPhone or iPad so that it uses Apple File System (APFS) instead of HFS+. APFS is better optimized for NAND flash storage and it also supports stronger encryption.

First, anyone that may have already run the update will notice the update is not enormous but the time the update takes is extensive. The concern here with this update is the file system change (which personally I have not had any issues with while running the beta) could cause some issues on some devices and cause a user to loose data.

Before running the updates, it is HIGHLY recommended that a backup is done (iCloud or to a computer) to protect losing any files or critical information if something happens.

As someone that is responsible for about 1000 iPads (about 50% of them will be able to update to iOS), I expect that we may run into a device or two that has some kind of upgrade issue. Only time will tell.

We currently are on spring break and will see the population of devices that may experience some issue when the students return to campus in about a week. Updates may follow…