Hardware dependent?

Scott Adamson
2 min readNov 27, 2018


Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro

Recently, it became clear the device that was used for day-to-day activities mattered less and less to me. I have always liked “new toys” and switching devices from month to month or even week to week was something that I do regularly.

I wanted to share some experiences and tips that are applied to my workflow that allow me to pick up a new device and be working at 90% efficiency in 15 minutes.

When opening a box or powering on a computer or iPad, I start with a few key items to begin and streamline the process.

I use 1Password (awesome password generator and manager). I have paid for it and have it on all my devices — shameless plug. The master data set is encrypted in Dropbox and I start by downloading Dropbox and 1Password from the internet.

I login to dropbox and sync ONLY my 1Password encrypted files and then install 1Password and point it to the data file. After login and sync, I kick off the other data sets I look for and require access to.

I use Google Chrome for a lot of work so that is downloaded next and sign-in to Google from my work account syncs up all my bookmarks, extensions and other plugins. With 1Password tied into Chrome, I connect to my email, verify my accounts (using 1Password, complex password and multi-factor login) I am very confident I am connecting securely to my systems.

I check the system itself for updates (Apple iWork, Apps etc) and then dig into the items I use regularly but often do not need from day one. With Google Suite and education (in our case), I keep a lot of data in Google Drive and if there are any items in a download folder, not a big deal — I can get them again from an email.

MacBook Air 2018

I connect my iCloud account (which then syncs up my iMessages, contacts and other pieces) and when I’m all set, I’m ready to rock and roll.

Questions or tools that may be of interest, let us know. Hope this is helpful for you all to become less device dependent.