Friends Seminary School, summer 2016

With the first phase of construction well under way in Hunter Hall, we decided to take advantage of the installation of sprinklers, updated ceilings and lighting to replace aging network wiring with state-of-the-art network infrastructure (which should provide 20 years of life and support for all the devices we expect to be on the network in the coming decades).

One key improvement to CAT6A specification is the ability to carry 10Gb network speeds the full ethernet distance (100 meters) to access points or desktops. Hunter has a combination of CAT3, CAT5 (1GB for 100 meters) and a few CAT6 (10GB for 100 feet) cables which are all being replaced with the CAT6A.

One benefit will allow our wired devices as well as the growing number of wireless systems to utilize the updated access points to provide the speed and reliability we all come to expect from anywhere on campus.

SOME of the CAT6A cables pulled for Hunter Hall
The cables are MULTIPLYING

More photos coming over the next weeks as the jumble of cables go from a coil to a dressed and organized rack and patch panels. This new network space (in the library on the 1st floor — lovingly known as TR-1) will be the home of ALL the network cables from Hunter plus the old school house (Rooms 10-Studio 2) providing access to computers, printers, security cameras, HVAC systems, wireless access points and much more.

The network room will also consolidate a total of three smaller network closets planned for the redesigned townhouses for Phases 2 and 3 as well as eliminate 2 current network spaces in Hunter. The one primary closet is making way for the lower school and extended program offices. All the network cables and resources for the townhouses will also eventually (Summer/Fall or 2017) make their way into this space.

Just about ALL the cables for Hunter

During the next two weeks heading into August, our low-voltage contractor (B&G) will be trimming, cabling and installing the patch panels with the cables and into patch panels.

Follow the Friends Tech Medium to keep in the loop as phase one and summer 2016 wrap up.




Technology professional

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Scott Adamson

Scott Adamson

Technology professional

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