Eero for your home or apartment

A must have for this holiday season…

Scott Adamson
2 min readDec 8, 2016

As time passes, more devices around your home get connected to the internet and there is a frequent strain on the limited bandwidth available. Eero provides a number of solutions for the home user.

A primary Eero device is connected to the router TimeWarner, Verizon or other provide for internet access. Generally this is a standard device with limited performance and access and usually is in a place that may not be the most conducive for reaching all the corners of a home.

For larger homes, multiple 2–4+ Eero can be connected to each other. They talk to each other securely and boost the signal throughout the home. In my home, I have an Eero on each floor (Attic — primary device, 2nd, 1st and basement floors). This gives great WiFi service, consistent speeds and access and reliable resources for our home.

The other aspect of Eero that I appreciate is the Family Profile setting. This can be used to “pause” devices. This blocks access for devices you may not want used when a child is unsupervised. In our case, our middle-school aged boys have Kindles, iPhones, ChromeBooks and AppleTVs in the home. These devices are paused daily and with an iOS app we can allow access. Access can be shut down daily at a certain time (bed time — all devices off line at 8pm for example). At this time Eero does not filter content or provide parental controls but is a basic on/off switch. In many cases, this is perfect.

Over the last few months, other have come onto the scene (most recently Google announced and began selling their Home WiFi system — same idea). Eero has shown over the last 6 months that they invest in improving the product, updating their code and boosting performance and access.

Eero is a great home tool providing multiple benefits — speed, coverage, improved access for a growing number of devices and some peace of mind when it comes to family access to the internet.

Right now, Eero is providing a $50 discount on their system using this link ( Looking for a whole-family holiday gift, this could very well be it!