CleanMyMac 2021

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Throughout the years of using Macs, I have used tools to streamline the system to optimize my daily use.

Initially, I focused on the built-in Apple Disk Utility program. This app works well and did work to clean up data on the systems and drives and would focus on running it most often following a system update or upgrade.

Over the last few years, I invested in CleanMyMac to not only clean the drive but optimize the system, run maintenance on the drives, and offer perspectives into updates and proper and complete uninstall of software.

Read more about CleanMyMac from MUO (Make Use Of) website.

MacPaw updated CleanMyMac over the last week with a rewrite for the M1 Macs (I’m running an M1 MacBook Air) and prior to the update the system worked fine, with the update, CleanMyMac runs even cleaner and quicker.

If looking for a tool to optimize your Mac, I highly recommend CleanMyMac. Download the trial and see if it makes sense and you believe this could help your systems run better.




Technology professional

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Scott Adamson

Scott Adamson

Technology professional

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