Apple Updated the MacBook Line

The portable MacBook gets some nice improvements pushing it into workstation competition

Scott Adamson
2 min readJul 31, 2017

A little over a year after the MacBook was introduced (and felt by many to be a nice solution but not for the “real” worker), Apple released an update bumping the processor (to a i7), memory (allowing for 16GB) and overall throughput while maintaining the 12" screen, battery life and 1 USB-C port.

I used the MacBook (2015 Model) as a home workstation. I travel mostly with the iPad Pro to and from work and use the Pro and the MacBook at home for day-t-day operations.

With the release of the updated MacBook I was intrigued. The MacBook is starting to show its age when it comes to processing and general operation. The Memory (even at 8GB) is still underwhelming and the processor got by but also kept the MacBook on the bench a lot for me.

The 2017 model is an excellent update for the hardware allowing the machine to step forward into a more day-to-day workstation role (all with the same 2lbs weight and 10-hour battery life).

I have been using the MacBook for my daily home workstation. The size is great, the weight is great, the updated performance is great (even keeping up with a 2016 MacBook Pro in many ways). The benchmarks say a lot.

With the expectation of MacOS High Sierra and iOS 11 in the fall, the need for a beefier machine and processing workhorse these machine show their chops daily. If you are looking for a portable, flexible and powerful workstation, check out Apple’s new MacBook. It it worth reviewing specs and the costs.