2019–20 begins strong

Changes, construction & a new year

Scott Adamson
2 min readSep 27, 2019

The new spaces opened right on time and provided plenty of “excitement” and challenges but overall, the whole space is vibrant, bright and comfortable. The work, time and thoughtfulness are apparent throughout the school.

I enjoy working in the new spaces for several reasons; the community, the comfort, and the light. It is a pleasant place to work!

As we prepared for the start of the year, we patched down another ~200 network ports for wireless access points, workstations, classrooms devices, and security systems. Our goal was to assist in making the space feel open, welcoming, and flexible.

Classrooms received the current generation of Epson Brightlink projectors (695wi) and have been well received by the faculty for the last few years. They work well and in combination with an IdeaPaint wall, the mix of media provides the rooms projection, interactivity, and whiteboard space.

We also worked to improve meeting and conference spaces to take advantage of our Google EDU backbone. We are using Google Meet (plus associated hardware) and calendar resources to easily coordinate rooms, agendas, and individuals for effective and productive meetings.

For questions about the space, use, challenges or discussions, let me know. Happy to share anything we can in making similar transitions “easier”.